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A hip, luxurious airline, that always looking for innovative ways to improve the guest's experience and strive to prevent climate change— these are the core brand values and traits that Air Getaways embodies.

This student project challenged me to create a brand strategy and identity for an airline. The process started with creating a design brief, a competitive analysis of existing airlines, coming up with the brand strategy, pyramid, and big idea that would embody the airlines’ identity.

Air Getaways brand identity takes inspiration from the 1960s and 70’s vibrant, colourful designs airlines— infused with the luxurious, modern trends seen
today. The hip, luxurious airline is always looking to find innovative ways to
improve their guest's experience, shake up the airline industry and advocate for climate change.


Brand Strategy, Logo Design, Communication Design




Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop


Best Communication Design,
Vancouver Film School, August 2020

01_Air Getaways_Airplane Profile.png
02_Air Getaways_Logo Design.png

Logo Design

03_Air Getaways_Wordmark.png


03_Air Getaways_Wordmark_Mockup.png
04_Air Getaways_Building Mockup.png
05_Air Getaways_Cup Pattern.png
06_Air Getaways_Neck Pillow.png
07_Air Getaways_Sleep Mask.png

Brand Design Applications

08_Air Getaways_Billboard.png

Illustrative Billboard Design