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Hollow Grind is a beard and hair care line targeted towards consumers and stylists in need of a high-quality product to maintain and style their hair.


The challenge for this design project was to come up with a brand identity, logo design as well as create 4 different packaging designs that were cohesive, identifiable and easy to differentiate when displayed on store shelves.

Research was first conducted to understand and reference the history and industry of men’s beard and hair care lines, their competitors, packaging ideas and coming up with a brand name/ logo.

The name, “Hollow Grind” refers to the profile of a shaving blade that barbers use for a more precise shave. The design is inspired by barbershops of the late 1800s and the Victorian era, with a rustic, yet legible colour range.


Brand Identity, Logo Design,
Packaging Design




Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop

Hollow Grind_ Brand Identity Notes

Research notes on the brand name: Hollow Grind.

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Design and Packaging Design Moodboard Inspiration

Design Thumbnails/ Sketches.

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