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The 2016 NIKE Annual Report evokes a strong visual theme and meaningful concept appropriate and engaging for shareholders and others interested in the company's activities and financial performance throughout the preceding year.

This was an assigned project, where I was tasked with redesigning an existing annual report. I chose NIKE's 2016 report because it was focused on data/ text, and had a lot of opportunities to insert engaging imagery and design that would evoke the NIKE brand.

The project also required a concept to be formed based on a tagline/ slogan that
we would create ourselves. An extensive amount of research to understand NIKE's history, brand, past and existing slogan's and campaigns such as "JUST DO IT",
to gain inspiration for the new slogan and also to prevent any repetitiveness.

This annual report I have redesigned based on the existing 2016 NIKE report evokes clear messaging of the company's culture and practices, with the visual language
of the "GET MOVING" tagline within the report-- with bold, dynamic imagery and typography and engaging data and graphs to appeal to various audiences.


Print Design, Communications Design




Adobe InDesign, Photoshop

Mind Map compiled after researching the meaning and history of NIKE, as well as brainstorming
a Slogan/ Tagline for the visual theme of the report.


Creative Moodboard

Sketches/ thumbnails for designing the front & back cover, as well as the spreads inside the annual report.


Cover Design

Get Moving.jpg

Tagline/ Slogan